Programs and Education


Business Growth: Business growth is vital to the life blood of job creation within a community. Urban Farming™ encourages business growth in many ways, including supporting and connecting community residents with entrepreneurship classes and workshops as well as education on financial literacy and money management.  This aspect of the Urban Farming™ coexistence model is designed to create business owners in communities that are suffering from economic depression and lack of education. Urban Farming  works with organizations such as YoungBiz  to provide financial, business and career educational programs to economically-disadvantaged youth who reside in low-income households. The approach helps to solve the problem of financial illiteracy and empowers people to be more self-reliant and economically independent.


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Students learning through the Urban Farming Entrepreneurial and
Money Management Program in partnership with YoungBiz. 2010

  1. We host workshops in the community to raise awareness about entrepreneurship, money management and green businesses in the emerging global markets.
  2. We fund community residents to participate in training on entrepreneurship and money management.
  3. We raise awareness about green collar jobs and businesses and teach about alternative energy solutions.  Community residents learn about where the emerging industries are so that they may get involved with business opportunities that are emerging in the global market.

As a part of the Urban Farming Business Growth Program, Urban Farming™ sets the example of emerging job opportunities in the areas of water conservation and solar energy through the Coca-Cola Rain Barrel Harvesting Project with the help of Home Depot!

“The project highlights the need to learn about new green technologies that will expose our community members to green businesses and green collar job opportunities emerging in the Green Economy”, said Taja Sevelle, Founder, Executive Director, Urban Farming™.


The Home Depot

The Home Depot Team installed nine Pergolas that catch rainwater from the rooftops. The rainwater is then ushered through gutters into re-purposed rain barrels from Coca-Cola. The water is then pumped with a solar pump from the rain barrels into the gardens that provide free food to the community:

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