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Health and Wellness: The Urban Farming Health and Wellness program features a series of workshops and events to raise awareness and teach about healthy eating and healthy living.The focus is on personal responsibility and prevention of health problems through the discipline of good habits.

“By encouraging people to plant their own gardens, we help families cut monthly costs and raise awareness about healthy eating”, said Taja Sevelle, Founder and Executive Director of Urban Farming™, adding that, “Our garden projects focus on healthy living and the importance of healthy eating.”



  1. The program includes speakers on the topics of food and nutrition, the mental health aspects of dealing with extreme poverty, fitness and food deserts. 
  2. Urban Farming™ also has an Urban Farming Health and Wellness Chef™ who frequently prepares food at Urban Farming Community Garden™ sites.  He demonstrates how quick, inexpensive, healthy and delicious recipes are made.
  3. Fitness trainers, dance and yoga instructors and nutritionists are also featured in workshops by the gardens. The obesity problem in America is a problem that partially stems from a lack of knowledge about healthy eating and from living in communities that have no access to healthy food.  There are also mental health issues that relate to this problem and are linked to the distressed mindset of poverty conditions which lead to eating disorders.  Planting gardens, teaching about healthy eating, giving hands on experiences with fresh produce and providing mental health relief are solutions to these problems.  Urban Farming™ understands that these problems need to be addressed in order to have a financially healthy community.

Urban Farming Community Gardens™ teach people of all ages about health eating and healthy living.

Growing your own food is a great fitness activity! Healthy Learning experiences about healthy eating!

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