Programs and Education


Job Creation: Urban Farming™ is the first point of contact in the community to people who are unemployed, laid off, hungry, malnourished or have unhealthy diets.  Urban Farming™ serves as a communicator to raise awareness and a connector to help residents connect to opportunity.  Specifically, Urban Farming™ raises awareness about green collar jobs, the emerging green industries and green jobs training programs.  Urban Farming™ is a network of partnerships that offer opportunity in jobs training and placement for community residents. Good stewardship of our environment and Green Collar Jobs are two key areas of focus for our future and the time is now to implement education and training in these areas.  We raise awareness in the area of Solar, Wind, Hydropower, Geo-thermal, Green Engineering, Water Conservation, Agriculture, Living Walls and Rooftops, Green Architecture and Re-cycling among others.  Training community residents in the future of Green Collar Jobs will be critical for the uplifting of impoverished communities and the shift the world is making to alternative energies and good environmental stewardship.



  1. We host workshops in the community to raise awareness about green collar jobs, and job training opportunities in the emerging global markets.
  2. We connect community residents to jobs training opportunities, particularly in green industries and other emerging businesses. 
  3. We raise awareness about what industries are dying and what industries are growing so that community members may make educated decisions on where to place their focus when considering jobs and careers. Community residents learn about where the emerging industries are so that they may get involved with business opportunities that are emerging in the global market. 

Green Jobs and Industries are emerging around the globe.  Urban Farming™ has installed several Urban Farming Edible Walls™ in Los Angeles, New York and Michigan. These Urban Farming Edible Walls™ provide training and job opportunities in living wall systems! 

The Urban Farming Edible Walls™ can cut down on up to 60% of the heating and cooling costs of the host building, they provide LEEDS certification points to developers, they cut down on the rainwater runoff in urban areas and they cut down on the urban heat index.  They also help feed people in need and create green collar jobs!  Multi-leveled win-wins are created with the Urban Farming Edible Walls™!


coexistence pic 2

Education begins early!

coexistence pic 3

Urban Farming™ working with Elementary School Students.

coexistence pic 4

Urban Farming Edible Wall™ in Troy, Michigan with Next Wave, prepped for Winter.

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Urban Farming works with youth groups to create summer jobs!

coexistence pic 6

Urban Farming Edible Wall™ at the Weingart Center in Los Angeles, California

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Urban Farming Edible Wall™ at Brotherhood SisterSol,an after school facility in Harlem, New York.

coexistence pic 8

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Students work on the Urban Farming Community Gardens to help
provide community residents with free food and to help clean up the area!