The Coca-Cola Rain Barrel Harvesting Project is a water replenishment project with Urban Farming™ located on 9 Urban Farming Community Garden™ sites in the Detroit area. The project features 9 pergolas that were constructed by Home Depot and Urban Farming™.  The rooftops of the pergolas catch the rainwater and channel it through gutters to repurposed rain barrels from Coca-Cola.  Urban Farming™ installed a solar turbo pumping irrigation system with Coca-Cola rain barrels on each site to pump and disperse the conserved rainwater to the Urban Farming Community Gardens™ which provide free food for the community.

“The project highlights the need to learn about new green technologies that will expose our community members to green businesses and green collar job opportunities emerging in the Green Economy”, said Taja Sevelle, Founder, Executive Director, Urban Farming™

The following are the 9 sites that the Coca-Cola / Urban Farming™ Rain Barrel Harvesting Project are located at:

(1)11015 E. Jefferson (2) Linwood and Gladstone, (3) Linwood and Taylor near Clairmont, (4) Elmhurst Home, (5) Christian Guidance Center, (6) Operation Get Down, (7) Herman Kiefer Complex, (8) Fox 2 News and (9) The University of Central High School.  The pergolas were installed on April 14, 2011 between 8am and 2pm. The turbo pump rain barrel systems were installed April 16, 2011 on 11015 E. Jefferson in preparation for the event on April 20, 2011 with Coca-Cola and Urban Farming™. The Urban Farming™ team prepped and installed the rain barrels for the other 8 sites during the week of April 24, 2011. The Coca-Cola Rain Barrel Harvesting Project irrigates an Urban Farming Community Garden™ 20 by 20 foot area which can produce an estimated 500 pounds of food per garden, totaling over the nine sites 2.5 tons of food which can feed an estimated 4,500 people.

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Coca Cola

The Coca-Cola Rain Barrel
Harvesting Project.

Ground Breaking Ceremony

The Coca-Cola / Urban Farming Ground Breaking for the Coca-Cola Rain Barrel Harvesting Project!

Teaching youth early about the importance of growing food and water conservation.
April 20, 2011