The Home Farming Movement is collaboration with Triscuit and Urban Farming™ in which Triscuit and Urban Farming™ planted fifty community-based home farms in twenty cities across the United States in 2010, and this year we are planting 15 more community-based home farms in 5 cities. This creative collaboration has also inspired over 47,000 people to register their home-based farms with the Home Farming Movement and each garden is a part of the Urban Farming Global Food Chain®.

I've always loved that Triscuit is made with only a few simple ingredients and am excited to be working with them on such a wonderful project “helping people enjoy growing their own food at home.” — Taja Sevelle, Urban Farming™ Executive Director
Watch videos of Taja Sevelle (Founder/Executive Director of Urban Farming™) on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Urban Farming™ is proud to be partnered with the Triscuit Home Farming Movement which encourages people to connect back to the simple joy of planting their own food at home. It is so easy to get started and you will find many planting tips on the website, in addition to learning more about the project on

On April 12, 2011, Triscuit and Urban Farming celebrated National Home Farming Day in Madison Square Park in New York City.  We planted food, tasted food, sent postcards with seeds in them to friends, planted 2 gardens simultaneously in Tampa and Los Angeles, LIVE via satellite, and we brought the entire 3 city simulcast to New Yorkers on a huge big screen.  It was a great day of fun, featuring gardening tips from Paul James, an Urban Farming™ informational booth, planting stations, tasting stations and non-stop action!

You may also watch highlights of the Urban Farming™ 2010 tour to many cities and watch the Urban Farming™ Family plant the fifty Community-Based Home Farms.

There are other ways to Be A Part of the Urban Farming Global Food Chain®. The Triscuit Home Farming Movement is a great way to begin! Enjoy fresh vegetables from your own garden by starting a garden in your home or even grow food in your apartment! If you choose to donate some of the food from your own garden to a local food bank or soup kitchen, please let us know!  Register your garden on the Urban Farming™ Website and we will recognize your garden as one that is a part of the Global Urban Farming™ Global Food Chain®.   You may also Be A Part of the Urban Farming Global Food Chain® when you register your garden on the website and join a network of people just like you that are connecting back to the basics of growing their own food. Enjoy sharing garden tips from The Gardener Guy - Paul James and learning how easy it is to get started! It is also a great way to cut down on your monthly food budget and teach friends and family about healthy eating food!

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER!  Be A Part of the Urban Farming Global Food Chain®!  Register your garden or Volunteer to adopt an Urban Farming™ Garden in your city!  Adopting an Urban Farming Garden™ is easy.  All of the food from the Urban Farming Community Gardens™ is free for the people in need.  Even if you do not need the food yourself, you will feel the joy of contributing to your community!

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