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Urban Farming™ and Farm Credit have partnered to help support Community and Residential Gardens across the United States!

IN 2012, Farm Credit ( partnered with Urban Farming™, providing a generous grant to help support over 25 standard sized, 20 by 20 foot Urban Farming Community Gardens™ and 1,000 residential gardens across the United States that are a part of the Urban Farming Global Food Chain®! The donation will help to feed an estimated 137,000 people. This exciting partnership is especially close to the heart of Taja Sevelle, Recording Artist and Founder of Urban Farming™. In a recent interview, Taja shared: “I lived on a farm for three years in my early teens, before signing my record deal with Prince. I was driving trucks and tractors when I was 13 and I appreciate the work that farmers around the United States and the world put into bringing fresh food to our tables. It is important to know where your food comes from and to support your local farmers!”

The 2012 donation to Urban Farming™ from Farm Credit helped to fund 5,000 plants and seeds packets for the Urban Farming Free Plant Giveaways™, which helped over 1,000 families and individuals start their own gardens as a part of the “Urban Farming Global Grow and Give Campaign™. Each new garden became a part of the Urban Farming Global Food Chain®. Gardens are a great inspiration for individuals and families to eat healthier and to include fresh produce in their meals.

IN 2013, Farm Credit and Urban Farming partnered again and the generous donation from Farm Credit helped to fund numerous existing Urban Farming Community Gardens™ around the United States in Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Denver and Cincinnati.  The funding also helped to support the Urban Farming Free Plant Giveaways™, helping over 2,000 individuals and families to start their own gardens.  Additionally, the partnership led to the support of the fabulous Harvesting Your Dreams Gardening Project with Urban Farming™ and Kenmare High School, a part of the York Street Project, in which Urban Farming installed Urban Farming Edible Walls in Jersey City, New Jersey at Kenmare High School.

Project summary:

Recording Artist and Founder of Urban Farming™, Taja Sevelle helped kick off a “Harvesting Your Dreams Gardening Project” with the York Street Project- providing Urban Farming Edible Walls™ Training and Installation with the York Street Project at Kenmare High School.

On Monday, March 18th, through Friday, March 22nd 2013, the global non-profit organization Urban Farming™ built and installed five Urban Farming Edible Walls™ with drip irrigation systems at Kenmare High School in Jersey City, NJ.  The organization also conducted training sessions with the students throughout the week.   Of the five Edible Walls, four are free standing and one was installed against the wall of a building on site.  The Urban Farming Edible Walls™ put Kenmare High School on the Urban Farming global map, making it the 60,642nd garden to become a part of the Urban Farming Global Food Chain®. 

     First conceived by Jersey City Police Officer William Loughlin and Principal of Kenmare High School,  Marlene O’Conner, this school project has been in the making for the past few years and has come to life  through intense focus, work and dedication.  This project was funded by the Farm Credit System: the Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation and CoBank. Farm Credit is a national provider of credit and related services to rural America through a cooperative network of customer-owned lending institutions and is a valued partner to Urban Farming™.

Recording Artist and Founder of Urban Farming™, Taja Sevelle, made a special appearance at the school on Monday, March 18th, speaking to the students and faculty about the importance of the Harvesting Your Dreams Gardening Project.  “Kenmare High School is right on the cutting edge with this project, especially since the school is dedicated to incorporating the gardens into all of the curriculum. The Urban Farming Edible Walls cut down on the urban heat index, rainwater runoff and they can cut down on up to 60% of any host building’s heating and cooling costs,” Sevelle shared during her address to the school. The new gardens will help to empower the at-risk women at the school by teaching them how to grow their own food, cutting monthly food costs, and to eat fresh vegetables and fruits.  The Urban Farming Global Food Chain®, is a global initiative to end hunger in our generation and help people who are unemployed, underemployed, laid off, malnourished or suffering from unhealthy diets. The intention of this global campaign is to affect a paradigm shift in the consciousness of people around the world, creating a different perspective on food and financial security.

WHO: York Street Project - a non-profit organization that provides housing, education, and childhood development counseling and life skills training to over 300 economically-disadvantaged women and children each year.

The York Street Project helps educate 50 adult women every trimester at Kenmare High School. In addition to providing an accredited curriculum that gives them the educational foundation required to achieve a high school diploma, Kenmare offers our women the tools needed to overcome the additional barriers poverty places in their path.

Urban Faming - a leading global organization with a mission to create food for people in need by encouraging the planting of gardens.

Taja Sevelle- Prince Protégé Recording Artist, Author and Founder of Urban Farming.

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The Farm Credit / Urban Farming York Street Project!